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Let Food Be Thy Medicine..

So said Hippocrates in 460bc, but in our busy 21st-century lives, the majority of people have forgotten this. It’s simple: by choosing the right foods, our bodies can thrive and stay healthy.

The question is, which foods are healthy? We’re all different, so what is good for me may not be good for you. That’s where knowing how to listen to your body really comes in.

Some meals may leave you feeling tired, others energised. A dinner you have with friends may leave you unable to sleep, leaving you blaming whatever it was that you eat or drank that evening that caused your sleeplessness.

Our bodies are incredibly intelligent – they know what’s right and wrong for us.

We were born with the ability to listen to our bodies, but as we grow up many of us get forget how to listen, whether it’s down to our busy lives or social pressure.

Learning to listen

The good news is that we can learn how to tune back into our bodies again. Perhaps the easiest way to do this is to eliminate certain food groups and then reintroduce them slowly, paying attention to how our body responds to the changes.

I came to fermented foods myself after a battle with chronic allergies – and my life and health have changed for the better, hence I founded this blog.

You could also keep a food diary, tracking not only what you eat, but also how you feel after that meal. After a short time, you’ll start to know which foods your body does and doesn’t get on with; you’ll be back in tune.

Before fridges and freezers were invented, foods would either be fresh or preserved.

Fermentation was often used to preserve foods, and the chemical change that happens during this process results in a wealth of antibodies and probiotics, which is why people are beginning to return to them.

Here’s my personal library of recipes – many of them traditional recipes, with a swisscultured twist!


Start your fermentation journey with one of my classic four staples:

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Hi, I'm Claudia - the woman behind swisscultured. I'm a Mexican in Switzerland, with an unquenchable curiosity and a passion for healthy eating.